Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Movers

TeamBuild Movement came to be because of a dream, and the movers in this organization only know how to do one thing: Make dreams come true.

In our efforts to break barriers and be movers of our community, we have organized the TeamBuild Movement which aims to make change through sharing skills and knowledge, move people through voluntary work, and encourage everyone to take part in the movement.

Ultimately TeamBuild aims to grow a family of volunteers who are willing to pay it forward.

So here are the dreamers and the dreamers who started it all.

Jumax Amellabon, BPO Account Director
Abigael Balili, BPO Operations Manager
Dianne "D"Tagala, BPO Team Supervisor
Aiys Pangilinan, BPO Coach or Team Supervisor
Pesh Pepito, BPO Coach or Team Supervisor
Lynel Baricuatro, BPO Team Supervisor

Should you wish to join our team, we are accepting volunteers for trainers, coaches, and anyone with experience in the BPO industry who can help us with our mission.

Come and be part of our family!

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