Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TeamBuild to Launch Eco-Livelihood Programs

Together with Brgy. Councilor, Hon. Jinky Hanika, TeamBuild Movement is happy to announce the very first Livelihood program to be launched in Brgy. Basdiot, Moalboal Cebu. Jinky is the OIC for Environment and Waste Management Programs in the Baranggay, and was seeking for fresh ideas to promote care for the environment tied up with a livelihood program for the poor as well.

 The launching of the Brgy's Eco-Tourism Livelihood Program will go hand in hand with TeamBuid Movement's "LIVE Movement", the Livelihood Sector of the organization which caters to the rural poor.
Hon. Jinky Hanika of Brgy. Basdiot, Moalboal
This joint program aims to revitalize the community, create  a new culture and fresh perspective about tourism, enhance the skills of the locals, and ultimately contribute in the flourishing of the new eco-tourism industry of Brgy. Basdiot.

This program should successfully promote integrity of nature, revitalize local culture, give birth to a new kind of industry, and create small sustainable communities to help the residents of Brgy Basdiot cope with the changing climate needs, and enable them to sustain with their daily basic needs.

Ultimately, this program should help in educating the locals regarding the resources (natural, cultural, and human resources) that are readily available for them, assist them in making a new and better community. Through aggressive cooperation between the TeamBuild Movement, other existing organizations willing to work for the cause, and the residents of Brgy Basdiot, Moalboal Cebu, this project is bound for success.

Watch out for more updates on the LIVE Movement Launch, or be part of this great opportunity to break barriers by signing up as a partner now!

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