Thursday, May 26, 2011

The TeamBuild Movement Program

The TeamBuild Movement Program is a series of assessment, training, and coaching that will help prepare college students and graduates for a career in the BPO or Call Center Industry.

This program consists of the following free services to interested college students and graduates:

Coaching Convention - the very first step of the program which starts from the application to the program, and going through a series of assessments. The assessment is done so that our volunteers and trainers can assess how to gauge their English Competency. From the assessment the coaches will then design a plan for the applicants which may consists of trainings and coaching sessions for them.

English Communications Training - is an in-depth American English Communications Training, designed to help the trainees in the program be effective in customer service communication. This basic training will be required for all participants.

Introduction to American Culture Training - an optional training for participants which will be all about American Culture basics.

Customer Service Skills Training - a more in-depth customer service training to give our participants an edge upon application in the call center business.

Distance Coaching -this program is designed for all who passed training and are preparing for their application. Distance coaching is a one on one coaching between a coach or mentor, and an applicant. The coach or mentor, will be following up on the things covered during the training.

Application Assistance - the TeamBuild Movers will help look for open positions in various companies, and help in setting expectations during the application period.

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