Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How the Movement Started

March 2011, Jumax Amellabon, one of the founders of TeamBuild Movement, only had the intention giving her free services to a few of her relatives and friends. But the idea soon ballooned to endless possibilities.

“It all started with a strong feeling of emptiness. Sometimes being in a career with so many demands, you are pulled away from the rest of the world and sucked dry of passion and purpose.”
 - Jumax Amellabon

Jumax started working in the BPO Industry in 2004. Being one of the pioneers in one of the biggest Call Centers in the Philippines, she reluctantly left a profession she loved, and plunged into the the world of Call Centers. But after a month of being a regular Customer Service Representative, she was given an opportunity to be a Senior Representative, and did small supervisory duties. From then on, she realized what the Call Center Industry is capable of giving her - a career.

She moved up to become a Supervisor, a Performance Coach, and later on, a Program Manager. Because of this, her love for her work grew and the rest is, as they say, history. “The opportunities started because I came from a school that taught excellent english communications. But not all schools would be able to provide this for everyone. Because of this, TeamBuild Movement was born. One small dream, to allow others make their dreams come true.”

It didn’t take long for her to find a few of her friends who shared the same vision. Diane Tagala, Aiys Pangilinan, Lynel Baricuatro, Pesh Pepito, Abigael Balili and Kristian Gillamace, are all part of a management team in various call centers in Cebu City. This team of young and talented people became co-founders and the first movers of TeamBuild Movement.

Today, TeamBuild Movement is continuously growing, and is receiving a tremendous response from Call Center Employees, and partners.

The future is clear for the movement, it is going to be something big, it will change lives, and most importantly, it will break barriers that people thought cannot be broken. If you want to be part of something big, visit our website at and be one of us!

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